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Get Realistic and Professionally Unstuck By Forming 5 New Career Habits

As the New Year quickly approaches, it's easy to get wrapped up in the mindset of starting fresh and setting goals towards a better you both personally and professionally. However, in most cases, we often get stuck, which ultimately becomes a goal crushing extreme sport in the new few weeks or months after the ball drops to achieve success realistically.

Still, as the New Years' enthusiasm fades, you may hit a few small goals. Nevertheless, once life kicks in and you experience a few minor bumps in the road, you're left feeling like some of the goals you set at the beginning of the year may seem far from being attainable.

While setting goals is an excellent foundation, I've learned that it's the habits we form around them that sustains them during significant periods throughout the New Year. Here are 5 new and realistic career habits to get you professionally unstuck when setting new goals.

5 New and Realistic Career Habits

Habit 1. Take on new and challenging roles.

Now, this might be a hard one, especially if you want career growth, but like the comfort of your current duties. The " I work and go home" attitude will have you working with little to no development professionally or financially for years, and the only person you can blame is yourself. Remember to take baby steps and take on a task that may challenge you, enhance your knowledge, and benefit you in the long run.

Habit 2. Expand Pass Your Degree or Trade.

Have you ever heard of the term being a jack of all trades? Well, just because you went to school for accounting and you work daily in the accounting department doesn't mean you can expand your knowledge in Human Resources or Information Technology. Utilize your downtime, get out of your comfort zone, and get smart on other areas that work closely with your career field of choice.

Habit 3. Work on your professional pitch.

Pitches are not only for business owners, but career professionals should also be able to sell themselves at a moment's notice at any place of time. Get comfortable with speaking or improving your communication and speaking skills. This skill will prove very beneficial when up for promotions or accolades.

Habit 4. Learn the art of socializing professionally and effectively.

Your network is your net worth—some people you will like at work and others you may not. Never let this stop you from giving 100% professionalism when interacting with co-workers.

Habit 5. Declutter your digital life.

Boy, has this helped me during my years in the workforce. With work from home jobs on the rise, having a digital organization system will reduce stress and anxiety while helping you balance your work life better.

Kick-off your New Year by implementing these 5 new professional habits toward better career advancement!

Latoya Cave

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